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    The problem with ‘mission in the workplace’

    What does the term ‘business as mission’ say about the intrinsic value of the particular business in question? What is the worth of the work which is done in the workplace? We hear of ‘business as mission’, ‘tentmaking missions’, ‘mission in the workplace’, ‘medical mission’ and so on. Two words come to mind when we hear these terms: ‘work’ and ‘mission’. So, does that mean ‘mission at the workplace’ or ‘doing mission work while at work’? Yes, but it is not as simple as that. While the usage of the words may be the same, the understanding can be very different between two or more persons. The understanding of mission…

  • Ficus
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    New Plant Love: Ficus

    Ficus are the most forgiving plants that I have grown. They may not show off like other flowering trees, but they look better and better as they grow older. So, it is a good tree to start with for any new gardener, and the reward will show in time. Old love My love for Bougainvillea has come down by a notch. I also realized that it doesn’t love me that much. It doesn’t bloom on me as much as some other people. I felt jealous when I saw multiple colors of bougainvilleas blooming on the back of a car. They were coming back from a church after decorating it for…

  • Half a day in Dimapur
    Creative Nonfiction

    Half a day at Dimapur

    Unlike other times, I had time on my side. My kidneys collided and my constipation almost turned to diarrhea as I bounced on the back of a line Auto from Chumukedima to the local maximum city. That was how I reached Dimapur in the afternoon today. I checked into Acacia Hotel and had the remaining day for myself which was unusual. It is good to be alone in a hotel room and have time at your disposal. I miss my family and would not travel if I can avoid it. But I am also glad that I could have this time of solitude. I opened the window curtain in my…

  • Creative Nonfiction

    How I wrote my Resume

    It was four in the morning and I went to the loo to download. That is the new word by the way. After 100% was achieved, I came back to bed but couldn’t get on it as my son had turned direction. He was lying parallel to the bed like an equal sign (=) when I left. But on my return, I found him lying perpendicular to the bed like a plus sign (+). There was no space for me and I was left with two options: Turn him and get on the bed This seemed like the natural thing to do. It was four plus something in the morning…

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    Persimmon cultivation in Nagaland

    Persimmon cultivation in Nagaland is about 15 years old. It is mainly grown in Pfutsero area. The popularity of the fruit is growing. Not well known A wedding on 16th October 2018 at Kohima must be the first time in Nagaland when persimmon was served as the main fruit item. Guests were curious and asked the name of the fruit and where it came from. This shows that the fruit is new in Nagaland and people are unaware that it is grown locally. China, Japan, and Korea have been cultivating the fruit since prehistoric times. The fruit was introduced in India by Europeans in Kullu valley, Himachal Pradesh in 1921.…

  • Am I sociable?

    Am I sociable?

    Am I a sociable person or not? I am not sure about myself. There seems to be two sides of me. I am a nervous wreck in certain social circles. Some examples are meeting relatives of in-laws or friends of friends during special occasions like weddings and jubilee celebrations. I end up speaking incomplete sentences and making a fool of myself. I just want to stay locked in my room and not meet people. I was a steward in the church and sucked at it. Forget about finding seats for people, it was an achievement to find my own seat. Some people are just born to be stewards. With a…

  • Creative Nonfiction

    Construct and Demolish

    Have you ever met someone who constructs an image of you and demolish it? You protest that the image doesn’t correctly represent you. But you didn’t construct it and you can’t do anything about it. In a debate, your argument is constructed and demolished. You protest that your argument is different, that what you meant is not similar to what is being constructed. The moment you open your mouth, you are put into categories and labels are stuck on your forehead. Or even if you don’t open your mouth, just one look and they can assume your political leaning, your religious affiliation, your view on gender, and your dietary preferences.…

  • Creative Nonfiction

    Green Reminders

    Today, I visited Pungro Community Health Centre where I worked briefly 8 years back. Pungro is the last town in the Myanmar border, en route to Mount Saramati which is the highest peak in Nagaland. As we were about to leave, the nurse who has been there all these years pointed to a lucky bamboo plant in the nurses duty room and said, ‘This is your plant, and we have been keeping it in your memory’. That plant was with me from my undergraduate days in Imphal, Manipur around 15 years back. I had forgotten about it. I planted trees and flowers in the health centre compound but all had…

  • Reflection

    One moment away

    No matter where we are or how we live, we all are always just one moment away from walking over the edge We drove past an ambulance, then a deserted accident site where we saw the damaged vehicle. It didn’t feel personal until I heard that the person who died in the accident was the father of a young man who lives in a flat in the same house as us. Moments earlier, there was a photo of the accident circulated in social media, then a query in another group for confirmation of news of the accident. It came together later that we passed by the spot where a parent…

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    ‘Dr.’ on sale

    The craze for ‘Dr.’ is a result of the social status and prestige that is associated with the title….A name prefix does not truly qualify a person. Ultimately, respect has to be earned by the quality of one’s work What I’m about to say will make some people unhappy. But it is something which needs to be said. It is nothing new but those who are aware are not very vocal about it. If I say that what I am about to say is nothing personal, I’d be partially lying. I speak from the view point of highlighting a general pattern, but specific encounters influence the viewpoint I hold. I…