A happy post

If the bad roads and corruption in Nagaland are making you feel low, here are 10 points to make you happy: Corruption is not gone; it is far from gone. But in the last few years, we are seeing that it is becoming more difficult to practice corruption. People are no more asleep (when some people could plunder without fear). It will take time but we are on the road and the worst is behind us. So, be happy for that. Nagaland is naturally beautiful. If we take our eyes off the road and look up the mountains, it is a beautiful place we belong to. We are placed on a beautiful patch of the planet Earth. Air pollution, congestion, and filth are confined to a few urban places. If we travel across the State, we still get to breathe clean fresh air, enjoy wide open spaces and beautiful natural landscapes. Think about that and be happy There are simple, honest, good people all around who don’t feature in the newspapers. They go about living their lives, and are willing to help others with that they have. Be happy if you know someone like that. Except for earthquakes and smaller scales of other calamities, there is less fear of flooding, volcano, drought, or disasters of the scale which some societies frequently suffer from. Despite the uncertain political situation, full scale war or large scale atrocities or genocide is unlikely. Be happy, it is not so bad. Our social support system is still strong. Be happy for that. We love music and are good at it. So, be happy and enjoy. We have abundance of creativity. Be happy. We are not addicted to work and we know how to relax and enjoy. Be happy. We are generally not show-offs and are polite. Be happy. Our identity is never in question. We know who we are. Be happy. ………………. (add to the list) 11,075 total views, 141 views today