ACAUT : a mandate diverted

When people flocked to the clock tower in October 2013 to show their solidarity to ACAUT, no one would have imagined that the support given would be one day used for something called ‘solution before election’. The ACAUT executive members may be Nagas and the Naga issue may be dear to them like to most Nagas. The connection between ‘corruption’, ‘unabated taxation’, and ‘election’ or the so-called ‘solution’ may be established. And the executive members can in their own capacities support the call for ‘solution not election’, ‘solution before election’, ‘election for solution’ or whatever. But the support given by the people to ACAUT was not for this. ACAUT was not for this. ACAUT was for a clear purpose. ‘Solution’ is murky business.  Therefore, even if ACAUT is a subset of the larger ‘solution’, it did not have the mandate to meddle into such affairs which are beyond it. ACAUT should have stayed and focused on the purpose of its existence. It was doing extremely well and it was a beam of hope for the masses. Therefore, it is a diversion or a hijack by the executives of ACAUT to use the name of ACAUT for the issue of ‘solution before election’. On this, the few executives are on their own. It has also led to the dilution of its earlier ideals and resolve; and ACAUT has become one among the many redundant organizations, unions, associations, and hohos that have dotted the landscape. 1,404 total views, 1 views today