Animal fight club
Battle of the beasts
World’s deadliest killers
Monster fish
Deadly jaws
Wild encounters
Animals gone wild
Killer dragons
Fast and fierce
What are these? Yes, they are television programs. Scroll the TV schedule through your remote control to see how repeatedly these are shown in a day and the number of hours they take.

Contrast that with Psalm 104 of the Bible.

Do these television channels always have these kinds of programs in the past? I don’t think so. It must be viewers who are influencing the channels to show these programs. So, what does this say about us humans? Our minds have become perverted. These programs are the animal version of UFC (AFC). Look at the hours in a day that these animal fights are played on screen. We have not become like animals. We are worse and we want animals to be like us.

In these programs, the animals are always fighting: between their own kinds, between different species, and predators pouncing on the weaker animals. The channels show them again and again in a day. Is this how animals are in nature? Is this the natural state of things in the wild? Is it such a cruel place out there where you have to kill or be killed? Do these programs make us appreciate nature? Only in providing adrenaline rush as we would get when viewing UFC.

Psalm 104 speaks of the wonder of creation. The creator God enjoys the works of his hands. He wears light like a garment. The clouds are his chariot and he rides on the wind. He created and put everything in order. At creation, the waters on his command run down through the mountains to take their assigned places. He pours out rain from above to water the mountains. Springs come out between the mountains and flow down to the valleys and the plains. The animals drink from these streams and are satisfied. The birds make their nests by the streams and sing on the branches. God makes the grasses grow to feed the cattle. Man also till the land and grow his food. The high mountains belong to the goats and they find refuge there. He marks the seasons and the sun knows when to go down. He made darkness so that the wild animals can come out and roam. The lion also looks to the creator for food. When the sun rises, the beasts lay low and hide so that man may go out to his work till evening.

The psalm speaks of the wonder and the orderliness of creation. The predators hunt for their food but it is their creator who provides them. Orderliness and serenity as depicted in the Psalm exists in nature. The psalmist ends in joyful worship as he studies the beautiful works of nature.

There is no such sense of gratefulness, awe, or joy when we watch these television programs. Majority of us humans now live in cities disconnected from nature. If this is the attitude towards nature that we develop by watching such programs, there is less scope to have experience as the psalmist. Instead, we continue to exploit and conquer nature to meet our selfish desires without any remorse.

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