Am I sociable?

Am I sociable?

Am I a sociable person or not? I am not sure about myself. There seems to be two sides of me.

I am a nervous wreck in certain social circles. Some examples are meeting relatives of in-laws or friends of friends during special occasions like weddings and jubilee celebrations. I end up speaking incomplete sentences and making a fool of myself. I just want to stay locked in my room and not meet people.

I was a steward in the church and sucked at it. Forget about finding seats for people, it was an achievement to find my own seat. Some people are just born to be stewards. With a suit and tie, they are seen in each and every social program smartly volunteering and stewarding. On such occasions, I just want to stay at home under a blanket.

But there is another side of me. I want to meet with people and know them. If there is a funeral, I want to be there. If there is a disaster in Myanmar, I want to be there to help people, although I have never been to Myanmar. If there is a discussion/study group, I would want to be there.

After church, I wish that people can stay back for informal meeting/chat, also meeting and knowing new people. To meet with a good friend, I am willing to travel miles just to catch up. I am glad I have done that. I would be willing to open my house to strangers for warm conversations or to put up needy travellers for the night.

So, what is the verdict? Am I sociable or not?

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