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    New Plant Love: Ficus

    Ficus are the most forgiving plants that I have grown. They may not show off like other flowering trees, but they look better and better as they grow older. So, it is a good tree to start with for any new gardener, and the reward will show in time. Old love My love for Bougainvillea has come down by a notch. I also realized that it doesn’t love me that much. It doesn’t bloom on me as much as some other people. I felt jealous when I saw multiple colors of bougainvilleas blooming on the back of a car. They were coming back from a church after decorating it for…

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    Persimmon cultivation in Nagaland

    Persimmon cultivation in Nagaland is about 15 years old. It is mainly grown in Pfutsero area. The popularity of the fruit is growing. Not well known A wedding on 16th October 2018 at Kohima must be the first time in Nagaland when persimmon was served as the main fruit item. Guests were curious and asked the name of the fruit and where it came from. This shows that the fruit is new in Nagaland and people are unaware that it is grown locally. China, Japan, and Korea have been cultivating the fruit since prehistoric times. The fruit was introduced in India by Europeans in Kullu valley, Himachal Pradesh in 1921.…