Construct and Demolish

Have you ever met someone who constructs an image of you and demolish it? You protest that the image doesn’t correctly represent you. But you didn’t construct it and you can’t do anything about it.

In a debate, your argument is constructed and demolished. You protest that your argument is different, that what you meant is not similar to what is being constructed.

The moment you open your mouth, you are put into categories and labels are stuck on your forehead. Or even if you don’t open your mouth, just one look and they can assume your political leaning, your religious affiliation, your view on gender, and your dietary preferences.

And so, I met this lady who was jogging in the rain at noon as I was coming home from church today. Let me say that she is from USA, the land of the free, where you can do just about anything. I nearly stopped to ask her, ‘Excuse me, what do you think you are doing by jogging in the rain at noon time in a land in the third world which was once colonized? Aren’t you supposed to be teaching us what culture is?’

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