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The future of music

Music will not fade. Music stars will live on. But musicians will wither away. That is the future of music for you my friend.

Let me explain.

Music will go on. People will continue to have their fix of the all familiar tune and lyrics. The marketability of music will determine the production (not composition) and therefore, there won’t be much wandering from the familiar path. If need be, shit talking in between the songs may remain for a while. The themes will be the relatable ones like ‘occurrences of the previous night’, ‘female body parts’, or the ‘repetition of a word or phrase’. Someone may inject a little bit of social concern like ‘world peace’ or ‘one love’. This would ensure that certain people feel good about themselves because they are not like the others.

Music stars will remain. The difference will be that stars are not made through the vocal chords or tips of the fingers, but through the marketability of the faces and body shapes. So, the requirement to sing or make music will be relaxed. The ratings of the music star will be determined largely by non-musical factors; for example, the management skills of social media profiles. Music will continue to require a face. So, that is where the requirement of music stars comes in.

Musicians will lose their jobs. Technicians will fill in their place. The type of music which people want to hear can be manufactured with the right mathematical algorithms. For example, if I want to produce a chart topping song, I upload the list of the 100 hit songs of the previous week into the system. Lo and behold, there is a new hit song which is auto-generated and carried by the airwaves and liked by millions. Who would need a musician if a technician is present at the factory?

As I said before my friend, that is the future of music.

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