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OK, a very brief introduction about the person behind the site (although you can see the About page for a longer introduction). My name is Sao Tunyi and I love writing and this site is primarily about that passion. I am a health professional by training. I have been blogging since 2008. But I left the old blog (which is still there) and have moved here not so long ago.

This site has three or four focus areas. That is against the standard advice, ‘you have to focus on one niche. Niche, niche, and only the niche’. But this is me and I can’t help it. So, if you came here for a specific topic and later on find a new post on a different topic which you are not interested in, perhaps you can go straight to the particular page to find what you are looking for. Go to the Menu (top right corner or bottom of the site) to select what you want.


First, it is about Reflections or Thoughts. This page has more abstract content and less of DIY. You will find ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc. I love to observe things. I can say this about myself that I am an observant person. I don’t want to take things at face value but I try to internalize the observations and make sense of them. The posts under this section are the outpourings of what goes inside my mind and heart.


Lifestyle is another page which is like a bridge between thought and action. As a health professional, you will find Health-related posts in this sub-section. Some of them are about public health perspectives (being trained in public health), and some on healthy lifestyle tips kind of posts. Another sub-section under lifestyle is gardening. My wife and I run a small backyard plant nursery called Urban Landscape Plant Nursery. We also have a family farm. Specialty plants in the farm are Persimmon, Taxus baccata, and Kiwi. Our blood is green in color.

Creative Nonfiction

I love writing as I mentioned earlier. I have worked as a columnist and guest editor for two newspapers, and health columnist for a magazine called Green Cache. I have a book ‘Cross section: Reflections on Christian Faith and Society’ published by Heritage Publishing House. I have written a couple of thematic reports for the state government (although credit goes to the controlling officers). Besides the serious stuff, I love writing just for the sake of writing. When I try to find what genre describes my style best, I think Creative Nonfiction comes close to it.

Hire me

On writing, I have plans for the future. Development of this blog is one step in that direction. Can I earn a living from writing? That is the big question for me at the moment. I have tasted earning through my book, newspapers column, magazine article, and freelancing. I am willing to freelance and if there is any content writing or editing job, I want to give a try. I have experience in editing from college days when I was editor of a newsletter. I still edit souvenir magazines, theses, social media posts, etc of friends and family. I have developed 5 websites till date date: buying domain, hosting, and setting up basic site using WordPress. I am willing to help through free service or free-will donation :-). I will be available for hire soon (maybe even right now). And oh by the way, if you have not known, I may be firing my boss real soon. Shhhh.

If you are still there and reading this, I guess you would like to stick around. Subscribe by filling the form on the sidebar or email me saotunni@yahoo.co.in. If you want to hire me for content writing or editing, email me.

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