How I wrote my Resume

It was four in the morning and I went to the loo to download. That is the new word by the way. After 100% was achieved, I came back to bed but couldn’t get on it as my son had turned direction.

He was lying parallel to the bed like an equal sign (=) when I left. But on my return, I found him lying perpendicular to the bed like a plus sign (+). There was no space for me and I was left with two options:

  1. Turn him and get on the bed
    This seemed like the natural thing to do. It was four plus something in the morning and I still could get some sleep. But it came with a risk. If I turn him, he might wake up. If that happens, forget about more sleep, I would have to stay up and entertain him till the sun shines upon the house.
  2. Not disturb him and don’t go to bed
    If I don’t touch him, he was more likely to stay asleep in that position. I would not be getting any more sleep if I chose this. But I could get some things done before anyone wakes up. And this I chose to do.

I fired up my laptop and started typing. So, that was how I wrote my resume.

Since then, I seem to have found a sweet spot of time for writing.

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