How not to mix religion and politics

For those who are sick and tired of mixing religion and politics, this is what I would recommend. Wrap religion in a soft warm cloth and place it in a cute little box; and please don’t forget to turn that tiny key to lock it. Place it in your almirah locker where you keep your precious stuffs like jewelry or your original documents. On Sunday morning, you open the cute little box and apply religion on your face. Don’t forget to rub it gently over your nose and your cheeks with your finger tips in a circling movement. Now, you are glowing and set for the day. Say a little prayer as you sit on the pew, sing along a hymn or two, and gently nod your head as the preacher does his thing. As evening approaches, you wrap it back in that cute little box and put it away. The next morning, you get up, punch air and start getting on with the real meaty stuff of politics and development. That way, religion and politics will never mix.

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