Life Review

Life review can allow mid-course corrections to the long term goals that we have.

Just as we have movie review and departmental review meetings, it is good to review life periodically. How often? I think at least half-yearly.

If we simply drift, it is not hard to lose our way. Take for example, materialism. Unless we pause and think about the greater purpose of life, it is easy to become materialistic because that is where gravity of life pulls. We think about making money, lots of money. We think about needs and wants we have and try to justify pursuing to meet all such needs and wants. We compare our wealth with others. We scheme and plan ways to make money and the idea consumes us.

When we pause to think and review the way we are living, we begin to think how short and fragile life is. We think about love and happiness. We think about those who are around us who are less privileged. We think of the blessings we now have: daily food, good health, family, shelter, peace. We realize that we should not live for our own self-interest.

This doesn’t mean that we stop to make money or plan to create wealth. But we do so with a different perspective. While we work to earn money, we also think of helping other people in whatever ways we can with what we have right now. So, we are not consumed or enchained by money.

Materialism is just an example. Such life review can allow mid-course corrections to the long term goals that we have: character formation, career goal, retirement plan, etc. It allows us to realize our mistakes and learn from them. It allows us to make new plans, set new goals, and energizes us for the future. It allows us to make better use of the one life which is given to us.

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