Lost forever

Lost in social media – forever A small boy went missing in a certain colony in a certain town. Soon word spread with a photo of the boy in social media. It was circulated in heaven-knows-how-many groups in WhatsApp. Those who knew the boy took the responsibility on themselves to spread the information to as many groups as possible. Words of concern started pouring in as the parents desperately searched for the boy. The next morning, the boy returned home on his own. He had gone to play computer games in a new internet cafĂ©. He lost track of time and had spent the entire night playing. But word had gone out that he was lost. So, the boy continues to be lost in social media even though he was found by his parents. His photo circulates in social media with words of appeal to find the boy. Though he is found; heaven knows for how long he will stay lost in social media. 1,680 total views, 2 views today