Tharoor was wrong. But are we also not ‘Neymarish’? Burning effigy for a reference to headgear? Come on. CM and Naga Hoho have said it. Let it rest there. Are we people who are most easily offended? One wrong touch and we roll on the floor like Neymar. Our identity is such a touchy subject that one small wrong comment on it and we go crazy. We are aware of the history but we don’t have to bring it all up each and every single time. For instance, although discrimination of people from the region is real, I don’t have to be offended each time I am mistaken for a Chinese. In fact we are tibeto-burman in origin and can be mistaken.

It is not possible to say or do anything these days without offending someone somewhere. Say something on sexual orientation and gay activist are offended. Say something out of religious conviction and secularists are offended. Address people without mentioning proper designation and they get offended. Alter sitting arrangement by social status and people get offended. Say something wrong about someone and his/her whole community get offended. A tiny joke and one gets offended. A slight disagreement in view or a little criticism and one gets offended.

How do we live together with our differences when we are offended at the drop of a hat?

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