One moment away

No matter where we are or how we live, we all are always just one moment away from walking over the edge We drove past an ambulance, then a deserted accident site where we saw the damaged vehicle. It didn’t feel personal until I heard that the person who died in the accident was the father of a young man who lives in a flat in the same house as us. Moments earlier, there was a photo of the accident circulated in social media, then a query in another group for confirmation of news of the accident. It came together later that we passed by the spot where a parent of someone who I know had died moments earlier. Another incident which happened last month was an earthquake which happened in the middle of a meeting. It was the turn of Nagaland state to make the presentation and our joint director was speaking on our behalf when the building started to shake. People stood up and began to walk while our dear officer carried on with his talk, unaware of the earthquake. The pressure of the moment must have numbed him that he could not feel the shake. Incidentally, as I was about to leave home this morning for the journey, I thought about my death. How would have I thought that I would pass by the site where a dear father met with a fatal accident? Yes, I thought about my family if I should die at this point of time. I have a 6 months old baby and another boy who is going to preschool next year. My wife and I have dreams now woven together for the future. I prayed for my safety, more aware than before that I need to be safe not only for myself but for my family. I have safely reached my destination and informed my wife. I thanked her for bearing the double burden whenever I am away. At bed time, it is one for her and one for me. She reassured me that my portion is more obedient when I am not at home. Tonight, I am 254 kms away from them. The young man in our house might not have woken up this morning with a hunch of what might happen in the course of the day. The deceased might not have dreamed that this was his last day. Nothing would have prepared the family that this is the day when their lives are going to change forever. One earthquake like a vehicle accident can change our lives forever. No matter where we are or how we live, we all are always just one moment away from walking over the edge. Kiphire, Oct ‘18 425 total views, 2 views today