A thought about my office drivers

If you have time, you have the best capital to start something

What I have observed over the years is that drivers bring their officers to office in the morning, play cards the whole day, and go back in the evening. There are times when that is the not the day’s routine but those times are few.

If they accumulate the time spent on playing cards for a year, it will be a month’s worth of time or more. If accumulated over 10 years, it may be a year’s duration or more. During the length of one’s service, it may be enough to complete a Ph.D.

A Ph.D may not be a desirable thing for them, but they could use the time for something more productive. How much does a driver take home every month? Not so much. And what can they do as part time before and after office hours? Not so much. The best part of the day and the best part of their life is spent in the workplace doing nothing but waiting.

I am not encouraging dereliction of duty. An officer may need them at any time during the duty hours. So, they can’t take up any part-time job or take a training course which requires committed time during office hours. But I have something in mind which they can do while they wait and play cards.

Weaving stools is something that they can take up while they are on duty. Stools (Moorah, Morah, Murah) neither require high skills nor high investment. But they are costly because weaving requires time. And time is what these people have. The raw materials required can easily fit into the back of the car and the work can be interrupted at any time. Therefore, this is a part-time job which can easily fit in even while they are on duty. Weaving is only an example.

For those who don’t have a job, the most important resource you have is time. It is not ‘capital’. Money is important but the lack of it is often used as an excuse for inaction. If you have time, you have the best capital to start something.

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