All blames are not equal

We are all to be blamed. But are we equally to be blamed? Generalization of the blame is the game that people in power play to keep things as they are.

Even before any work is executed, minister of a department cuts a certain percentage of the department fund. Not satisfied with the slice that he cut out at source, he interferes and paralyses the department activities. He takes the lion’s share of the appointments by placing people who are not fit for the job. He inserts people where there are no vacancies making the government spend excess on salaries. He then takes the lion’s share of all the supply and contract works. The rates are exorbitant while the workmanship is of inferior quality. Therefore, public service is delivered with a mix of these incompetent people using inferior quality equipments and supplies.

The common people take a few hundred or a few thousand rupees once in five years, and share all the blame. Clean election is targeted at the public for behaviour change and not the political candidates. A minister sacrifices one month salary for relief work and he is praised to the sky. A time is coming and has now come when politicians can manage their public image by managing their social media profiles.  

Yes, we are all to be blamed. It is not us and them but all of us are to share in the blame. But all blames are not equal. That is all I am saying.

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