Consumed by the immediate

Life is simple. But it is also not. The immediate concerns of the day consume me. But if there is any moment when I can get out of my own body and observe myself from a distance, I am confused. Should I continue like this, or make a clean break and live differently henceforth?

Life has no ‘Rewind’ but routine is hard to change. I can idealize a better life to live but I am stuck with the present one. Is it so bad to need change? If given another chance to relive a day, for example, how I lived yesterday the 26th of August 2018, can I do better? But I have today and it might go the same way as yesterday. It isn’t so bad but it isn’t ideal either.

Sometimes, I want to run away from certain things and start with a clean slate. I believe that I can do much better than the present. This very moment, I can change the future forever. But I just might not. It is not about being scared. I think I feel a little tired today for a revolution.

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