Snake in the monkey’s shadow etc.

Some things catch you by surprise – like a movie name, a music band name, or a song title – and they stick. That stickiness factor… Snake in the monkey’s shadow Those were the heydays of kungfu when no pain was felt. There was no tapping on digital screens; it was about punching banana trees. “Master, teach me kungfu” There were no youtube tutorials but kungfu was learned from slightly eccentric masters and by closely observing how animals fight: snakes, monkeys, praying mantis, and cats. Snake in the monkey’s shadow was a movie which represented the mood of the time. Bruce Lee shoes, self-made nunchaku, and you are ready to go. After a short warm-up which can be a few push-ups, you try the center splits, hurting your groin in the process. To get a black belt is the ultimate dream. While some would get into real fights where the practice sessions might come to use, mostly siblings are hurt while trying the moves. Bruce Lee was god and adorned the walls of his kungfu devotees. You wipe the tip of your nose with your thumb as you stare down your opponent, make the sound of an angry cat and go at your opponent: round kick, scissor kick, monkey style, snake style, drunken style, and so on. Wet Wet Wet Not only did we tolerate the band name, we didn’t sense that anything was wrong. We know them by the song ‘Love is all around’. Indeed love was all around those days. There were no memes, no social media to make fun of the name. Why did they say it thrice? I don’t know. They derived their name from a song lyric where there were two wets. The band added another one to make it Wet Wet Wet. If they had started a band today with that name, I wonder how it will be received. But as mentioned, love was all around. And it was about the music. It is learned that the band is still in existence. Also read: The future of music Your heart is a muscle Human beings have been composing millions of songs over thousands of years. So, it is about time that we run out of ideas. This song title ‘Your heart is a muscle’ came straight out of a medical textbook. The song writer must have referred to a textbook of Anatomy and found to his/her amusement that the human heart is made of muscles. The human heart has been eulogized, romanticized, victimized, blamed, and bled in numerous ways. This song is as literal as it gets in describing the human heart. People, the heart is a muscle for your kind information, sings Carly Rae Jepsen. 386 total views, 2 views today