So, it is in

Only recently I came to know that my book Cross Section is in

It has been in for a while now.

Do check the price difference in the two websites.

Some of the articles/chapters in the book are either getting outdated or the writer is getting updated. So, check this website for updated versions.

Ever grateful to friend Dr. Lipokmar Dzuvichu, Assistant Professor, North East India Studies Programme, JNU, New Delhi for these kind words on the book cover :

“Cross Section is an honest and frank portrayal of the contemporary Naga life-world. In this fascinating collection of essays, Sao Tunyi draws our attention to the many unpleasant truths which are conveniently overlooked today. Using everyday life stories Sao not only captures the hopes, struggles and anxieties of ordinary Nagas, but also raises uncomfortable questions, especially the Church’s indifference in an increasingly unjust and intolerant Naga society. These concerns are conveyed in the articles through honest outrage, irony, compassion and occasional humor. Lucid, perceptive, witty and thought-provoking, Sao Tunyi’s book is a must read for all those who cares about the present as much as the future of the Naga society; this work will be an inspiration for all those who wish to see a transformed and a just Naga society”. 

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