• Half a day in Dimapur
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    Half a day at Dimapur

    Unlike other times, I had time on my side. My kidneys collided and my constipation almost turned to diarrhea as I bounced on the back of a line Auto from Chumukedima to the local maximum city. That was how I reached Dimapur in the afternoon today. I checked into Acacia Hotel and had the remaining day for myself which was unusual. It is good to be alone in a hotel room and have time at your disposal. I miss my family and would not travel if I can avoid it. But I am also glad that I could have this time of solitude. I opened the window curtain in my…

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    How I wrote my Resume

    It was four in the morning and I went to the loo to download. That is the new word by the way. After 100% was achieved, I came back to bed but couldn’t get on it as my son had turned direction. He was lying parallel to the bed like an equal sign (=) when I left. But on my return, I found him lying perpendicular to the bed like a plus sign (+). There was no space for me and I was left with two options: Turn him and get on the bed This seemed like the natural thing to do. It was four plus something in the morning…

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    Construct and Demolish

    Have you ever met someone who constructs an image of you and demolish it? You protest that the image doesn’t correctly represent you. But you didn’t construct it and you can’t do anything about it. In a debate, your argument is constructed and demolished. You protest that your argument is different, that what you meant is not similar to what is being constructed. The moment you open your mouth, you are put into categories and labels are stuck on your forehead. Or even if you don’t open your mouth, just one look and they can assume your political leaning, your religious affiliation, your view on gender, and your dietary preferences.…