• Half a day in Dimapur
    Creative Nonfiction

    Half a day at Dimapur

    Unlike other times, I had time on my side. My kidneys collided and my constipation almost turned to diarrhea as I bounced on the back of a line Auto from Chumukedima to the local maximum city. That was how I reached Dimapur in the afternoon today. I checked into Acacia Hotel and had the remaining day for myself which was unusual. It is good to be alone in a hotel room and have time at your disposal. I miss my family and would not travel if I can avoid it. But I am also glad that I could have this time of solitude. I opened the window curtain in my…

  • Reflection

    A thought about my office drivers

    What I have observed over the years is that drivers bring their officers to office in the morning, play cards the whole day, and go back in the evening. There are times when that is the not the day’s routine but those times are few. If they accumulate the time spent on playing cards for a year, it will be a month’s worth of time or more. If accumulated over 10 years, it may be a year’s duration or more. During the length of one’s service, it may be enough to complete a Ph.D. A Ph.D may not be a desirable thing for them, but they could use the time…