• Work

    The problem with ‘mission in the workplace’

    What does the term ‘business as mission’ say about the intrinsic value of the particular business in question? What is the worth of the work which is done in the workplace? We hear of ‘business as mission’, ‘tentmaking missions’, ‘mission in the workplace’, ‘medical mission’ and so on. Two words come to mind when we hear these terms: ‘work’ and ‘mission’. So, does that mean ‘mission at the workplace’ or ‘doing mission work while at work’? Yes, but it is not as simple as that. While the usage of the words may be the same, the understanding can be very different between two or more persons. The understanding of mission…

  • Lifestyle

    Pursuing a hobby

    A hobby can turn into the primary profession. Also keeping a hobby as a hobby is worth pursuing and developing.  I have toyed with the idea of changing career in midlife. I am nowhere near it mentally and have no particular area of work in mind. But I am happy that I have started working on a hobby that I have been thinking of for many years. It is the art of making bonsai. Circa 2003, I went for a plant exhibition in Imphal where I was mesmerized by miniature trees planted in pots. The trees were familiar except that they looked old and small. I didn’t know they are…

  • Reflection

    Why Work?

    The worth of a work is not measured by how much money the person made but how worthy is the thing that is made. Dorothy Sayers wrote an article ‘Why Work?’ during World War II. The piece is still relevant for our day and society. It is interesting that such a wonderful piece of writing should be available for about 70 years which could have revolutionized the way we work and yet we continue to have such poor attitude to work. She explained work as ‘a creative activity undertaken for the love of the work itself…for the sake of doing well a thing that is well worth doing’. The reason…