The sweetness of faith

Today is World Health Day (April 7) and as I was coming home from work (early to attend a wedding), I began to think of this year‘s theme: Depression. My mind went to those who suffer depression and I thought of my own life. A powerful phrase came to my mind and I had a supernatural experience as I was driving up Billy Graham road: ‘The sweetness of faith‘. 
I’m so grateful that I have found and have been experiencing faith. It is not just a head belief but it also tastes sweet. Have you tasted it for yourself? It is not something which many other people agree upon and make sense and therefore you believe it, although that is a part of it. It is not a habit or ritual which is formed out of repetitive thought or practice, although those will definitely strengthen it. I can’t quite describe it but if you have it, you will know what I mean, the sweetness of faith. You have to have it to know it.

It is so sweet to know that there is a reason for me to wake up in the morning. It is so sweet to know that this life has meaning. It is so sweet to know that there is a sense of direction and there is a finishing line. There is no laboratory test to show it, but I believe and am assured that it is true.

It is not superstitious or unreasonable. This faith is reasonable and has intellectual rigor (although not bound or subject to them). But it is not proud or arrogant, because it has the humility to bend to the scrutiny of truth.

The sweetness of faith is that it is born of grace and mercy. Undeserving, yet being given as a gift. Deserving penalty for one’s failures (there are so many. One doesn’t have to go far to see them. One has to simply look within), yet being forgiven.

An inner peace in times of war. A feeling of hope in times of grief. Selfless surrender in times of greed. Love in return of hatred. What other force or source in the world can provide that?

How wonderful that while we are yet imperfect, we are allowed to taste the sweetness of putting our faith in Him.

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Sao Tunyi is a healthcare professional and blogger.

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